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Jet Combat exosuit concept art by RealSF Jet Combat exosuit concept art :iconrealsf:RealSF 4 0 Experimental Beartha redesign by RealSF Experimental Beartha redesign :iconrealsf:RealSF 5 0 Pegasus exosuit concept art by RealSF Pegasus exosuit concept art :iconrealsf:RealSF 3 0 Kamen Rider Drive-based exosuit concept art by RealSF Kamen Rider Drive-based exosuit concept art :iconrealsf:RealSF 2 0
DAEU character Info: Shin Kami (updated)
Shin Kami is a complex demigod who likes to see and do things in other worlds. But this was not always the case. There was a time when he was a mere mortal. But, inexplicably, after being inspired by cartoons and anime and video games, he unlocked a power within him granted by unknown forces. He slowly but surely started to gain the power to manipulate reality over the course of a year. When his powers matured, he realized for himself that, as he was a complex person in childhood with multiple personalities over the years, he was capable of being and doing anything as though reality were his mindscape. Most of the time, he dwells on his own home plane, watching other worlds for fun and entertainment. He is also the creator of beings on his own personal domain. But he seldom brings some with him.
Shin Kami is not from the world of the DeviantArt Extended Universe. He is from a separate domain altogether. For the most part, he remains neutral to the DAEU. He only watches most of the time
:iconrealsf:RealSF 3 1
Graffiti Art First Attempt by RealSF Graffiti Art First Attempt :iconrealsf:RealSF 1 0 My game's weakness cycle by RealSF My game's weakness cycle :iconrealsf:RealSF 2 1 Magnifo + Pop Fizz concept art by RealSF Magnifo + Pop Fizz concept art :iconrealsf:RealSF 1 0 Tapu Koko + Tidepool concept art by RealSF Tapu Koko + Tidepool concept art :iconrealsf:RealSF 2 0 Tapu Lele + Blaster-Tron by RealSF Tapu Lele + Blaster-Tron :iconrealsf:RealSF 2 0 Boltzer pose art colored by RealSF Boltzer pose art colored :iconrealsf:RealSF 2 0 Sea dog samurai pose art colored by RealSF Sea dog samurai pose art colored :iconrealsf:RealSF 3 7 Sea dog samurai's family colored by RealSF Sea dog samurai's family colored :iconrealsf:RealSF 1 1 Emberor Boarguin concept art by RealSF Emberor Boarguin concept art :iconrealsf:RealSF 3 0 King Pen + Emboar concept art by RealSF King Pen + Emboar concept art :iconrealsf:RealSF 2 0 Freeze Blade + Fire Kraken dragon by RealSF Freeze Blade + Fire Kraken dragon :iconrealsf:RealSF 2 0


Commission: Battle Tower Bosses Biometal Form by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Battle Tower Bosses Biometal Form :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 202 17 Commission: Model V-R by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Model V-R :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 152 3 Commission: Biometals by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Biometals :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 431 52 The Fourteen Gold Weapons - The Hunter by Nesskain The Fourteen Gold Weapons - The Hunter :iconnesskain:Nesskain 749 10 Commission: Biometal Model H by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Biometal Model H :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 255 3 Commission: Model  O-8 by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Model O-8 :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 297 4 BN: The Warriors by Dream-Piper BN: The Warriors :icondream-piper:Dream-Piper 100 15 Rushgo the Akabeko by DragoTerror Rushgo the Akabeko :icondragoterror:DragoTerror 2 4 Prehistoric Possibilities by Darksilvania Prehistoric Possibilities :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 1,498 188 Ancient Aliens by Darksilvania Ancient Aliens :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 1,874 174 Symbols 4 by Feare909 Symbols 4 :iconfeare909:Feare909 50 17 060223 - YP - Pisces Summon by Quas-quas 060223 - YP - Pisces Summon :iconquas-quas:Quas-quas 120 10 KR:OOO - Unagi by Alpha-Vector KR:OOO - Unagi :iconalpha-vector:Alpha-Vector 47 7 Zodihavoc: TouZhai, battle hare by lgliang Zodihavoc: TouZhai, battle hare :iconlgliang:lgliang 647 17 Symbol Compilation 43-51 by Pizaru-Chu Symbol Compilation 43-51 :iconpizaru-chu:Pizaru-Chu 36 6 Zodiac Jam 3: March / Disciple of Gravity by The-Knick Zodiac Jam 3: March / Disciple of Gravity :iconthe-knick:The-Knick 69 9



Beartha will get a name change. Haven't 100% decided what, but it will happen.

I made a piece of music by messing around with the buttons a little. Enjoy.
I haven't uploaded anything in over a month. Help.
10 comments on this and I'll write about the revamping of my personal game.
The first half was very good, but the second half . . . dat second half . . . I'm not going to spoil anything from it, but . . . so many unexpected things happened . . . and then things got truly epic really fast . . . it was so epic, it's a sight to behold. If you haven't seen the movie, go see it now! I think that you will be amazed by what it has to offer.


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Spencer Scott Fellman
United States
I am an autistic artist searching for happiness and success. I like to post some cool stuff. I am a fan of Skylanders, Pokemon, Lego, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and other things.


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Tuxedo-Guy2 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So... I would like your opinion on this idea for a TV show:

Revised IDEAS: Dynamo Franchise

This concept is based on Kamen Rider with a little bit of Super Sentai thrown in. The best way to describe it is... it's like that one scene in Ninninger where AkaNinger grows in size to battle a monster (one of the few good scenes in that show, in my eyes)... so, basically, take Kamen Rider, but throw in giant monster battles with Kyodai-Kaiju fights similar to that scene in Ninninger... that's what this is.

While I am working on a story treatment for it, it is a revised version of of an old TV show concept that I never really could make work due to it either just not functioning properly or being too similar to Power Rangers.
rainbowsoxzy Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is KEwl
Tuxedo-Guy2 Featured By Owner May 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Remember that thesis I was going to write?

How can Power Rangers Work on Nickelodeon?

So yeah... I don't really think a Network shift will do any good and I think Nick is a good home for Power Rangers, but it's just not adapting very well... and I offered a few suggestions on how to deal with that in my thesis... in essay format, of course... but it is one of my weaker essays.
Taliyus Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Student Filmographer

I made a pilot for my cartoon I plan to make.…

RealSF Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
Your pilot is VERY rough. I can't complain too much about the characters, they seem alright. 80% of the voice acting is ok. I could tell you had a little trouble editing the voice lines. The animation . . . oh boy is it very rigid. Not gonna lie, people are gonna make fun of this solely for the animation. You may want to take notes from Piemations. The animation needs to be improved for certain. And the story might have potential.

Your series is NOT The Nutshack or Rapsittie Street Kids by any stretch of the imagination. But it still needs some work done to improve it. The truth is, if it had better animation, it would be an ok pilot.
Tuxedo-Guy2 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Question; as you know, Power Rangers is currently on Nickelodeon... and many people are not happy that it is, but I don't know why.

What do you think about Power Rangers being on Nickelodeon; do you like that it's on Nickelodeon or not and explain why you think so? Also, I would like to know what you think people are upset about with Nickelodeon Rangers.

I'm going to make a post about Nickelodeon Rangers later.
RealSF Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Well, I honestly don't mind Power Rangers being on Nickelodeon. I only care that the shows and episodes are good. Like Dino Charge. I haven't seen Ninja Steel, so I don't know if it's good. I think people are upset because it seems that Nickelodeon is hiring bad writers for Samurai and Megaforce. Perhaps those people may really just be nostalgia-blind.
Tuxedo-Guy2 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bad writing... maybe there are bad writers in Megaforce and Samurai, although I would pin the blame on Tzachor for massive complications in production, primarily with his overt Sentai loving.
Tuxedo-Guy2 Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So... I decided to take a look at that... certain Kamen Rider show that hit American Airwaves... yes, I am talking about the EVIL Masked Rider by Saban.

Seeing how I love Kamen Rider now, it was almost impossible to resist looking at this ridiculous TV show (I also wanted to know how NOT to adapt Kamen Rider for my Speed Rider shows). Honestly... I find the show fairly entertaining; it is practically a watered down version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, lacking all of the intense music, fights, and zords... but the fights were still cool and I actually liked the campiness (I mean, the Kamen Rider portions, while dumbed down, are still cool in my eyes).

Now, there is no denying that this show suffered from massive tone whiplash between the intense Kamen Rider portions and the Stewart Family portions; it goes from light-hearted comedy to killing Dex violently almost in a snap... which is weird. Along with this, it's also clear that fights were underwhelming (like caused by no surviving props from a 6-year-old show) and episodes tend to have editing errors in them.

Even then, Masked Rider seems fascinating to me for both good and bad reasons... mostly bad and related to the bizarre editing... I actually watched most of this show by now and... really, I'm liking this show quite a bit.
RealSF Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
I guess I'm not gonna look at Masked Rider, then. I sometimes think about adapting Kamen Rider Gaim for US audiences. I haven't seen the show (yet) besides henshin and finisher clips. I would like to see Kamen Rider be more popular with American audiences today now.
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